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Dr. Milind R Shah  


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Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology

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BOGS and ISOPARB Vadodara chapter organizes

ISOPARB Mid Term CME, Vadodara

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1st East Zone ISOPARB Workshop & Conference was organized by the ISOPARB - Bhubaneswar Chapter, at IMS & SUM hospital, Bhubaneswar from 29th April to 1st May , 2016.

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Registration form Maatrika 2016

ISOPARB was founded in the city of Patna to generate  the message of peace and happiness in this land for the mother, child and the whole family i.e. Perinatology Society, irrespective of rich and poor people

The credit goes to the founder members  Late Dr. G. Achari, Dr. Tarun Banerjee, Dr. Kamala Achari. Dr. Kamala Dhall,        Dr. G.I. Dhall, Dr. Ajit C. Mehta, Dr. S. Dasgupta, Dr. B .Palaniappan, Dr. K.M.Gun, Dr. N.N. Roy Chowdhary, Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra, Dr. Nirmala Saxena, Dr. Gita Ganguly Mukherjee to nurture this society from birth to adulthood by their dedicated, devoted and perpetual efforts.

With a handful of members, the society started functioning under the banner of ISOPARB and able guidance of Dr. Mrs. Kamala Achari who is its founder president.


Dr. Kamala Achari


Patrons: Late Dr. G. Achari, Dr. Kamala Achari, Dr. Tarun Banerjee, Dr. N. N. Roychoudhary, Dr. Rohit Bhatt, Dr. Kamal Buckshee



Name:   Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology


Registration: This society is registered under the Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860, the registration No. 71 of
1978- 1979.


Registered Office: The registered office is at Patna and unanimously agreed upon by the members to remain at Patna permanently.
Address: 21/ D Road No. 10, Rajendranagar, PATNA-800016


ISOPARB has a very bright future ahead and this should continue by untiring and devoted attitude of all the members who are associated with this body.

Members should render their services to the poor, unaware, uneducated and under privileged mothers and children so that the high maternal & neonatal death rate shows a decline as 80-85% of our population lives in remote corners of villages.

The victory of ISOPARB is only possible if we strive hard for the success.

Dr. Rita Dayal, Secretary General

Dr. Meena Samant Treasurer

Dr. Pragya Mishra Choudhary     Communicator